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Løkebergveien 40
Haslum, 1344

+47 97887509

Watercolor illustration

Watercolor mixed media on high quality watercolor paper

The process of creating these pieces is so much fun!  The way the personality pops right out as the ink goes on, then the paint!!  It's almost like giving birth - almost!

My mission with these odd creatures is to expose the vulnerability, imperfection, insecurity we all carry around, but look at it in the light of humour and "tomorrow will be a better day" mindset.  I try to strip away this insane need for perfection in the hopes that looking at our authentic, honest selves will enable us develop deeply as people.  

Each of these pieces can combine watercolor, paper and fabric collage, hand and machine stitching, ink and pencil drawings.  Sizes vary but can be anything from postcard size to A3!  

Contact me if you are interested, some of the pieces you see here are not sold